World Emoji Day 2021

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17 every year. The word “emoji” is made up of two different words: ‘e’ for picture and ‘moji’ for the character. Emoji is a Japanese word that roughly means picture word.

Emoji is a way of sharing your expressions while texting. Emojis have become a part of our daily communication now. They have emerged as a popular and convenient way of conveying emotions, feelings, and reactions with our near and dear ones. Also, things have become easier and interesting as compared via the texting procedure.

History of Emoji

The first emoji was developed in the year 1999 by an engineer in Japan. Shigetaka Kurika created 176 emojis for the release of a mobile integrated service called i-mode. A list of emojis is published and approved by the Unicode Consortium every year.


In 2014, the founder of Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge announced that July 17 will be observed as World Emoji Day. Another reason to celebrate this day on July 17 is that the ‘calendar’ emoji depicts the date as its image.


With the event gaining popularity over the years, many people and organizations have started tweeting to mark the day. In its message on Twitter, UNESCO shared the word “peace” using several emojis. Also Football club Juventus shared a clip, asking users to identify the players behind the emoji faces and more.

When words fall short, emojis make up for it and make others feel the same. Happy World Emoji Day!

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