About Us

Who We Are

Eager readers was started by Unnati Ved in 2017 to enhance reading habits amongst young learners. A hobby became a passion and then a profession.

Today Eager Readers caters to a wide age group from very young learners to adults.

There is something for everybody. Eager Readers provides complete solution to a learners after school activities.

Why Choose Us

Eager Readers (ER) has a unique format. We believe that we are teaching much more than just writing, drama, public speaking, reading, we are teaching kids life skills that will help them not only to increase their vocabulary and speaking skills but will also broaden their understanding beyond their existing habitat. ‘ER’s first priority is to create readers for today and tomorrow. We read new age books that are relevant in today’s times. We read award-winning books. Enrolling your child in our program will enrich the child beyond measure and will give him life skills that help him/her lead a successful life. We have teachers who have appeared for Trinity speech and drama exams. We also train learners to appear for Speech and Drama exams (exams are conducted once a year).

Reading and Activity clubs

We read an age appropriate book over a period of 8 sessions. Sessions happen twice a week for 60-75 mins duration. Guided reading or story telling and except reading formats are chosen based on the age of the learners for the first 30 mins. The next 30 minutes the learners take part in activities based on the theme of the book. Each activity will include an aspect of language skills, speaking skills, performance skills, writing skills, listening skills. Our courses section will help you with the ongoing Reading and Activity club for the month

Our sessions are conducted in a hybrid format

Reading and Activity Club Courses link

Writing clubs

Our writing clubs are dedicated to helping young students improve their writing skills.

Our programs are designed to provide a fun and engaging way for students to learn the fundamentals of writing, while also building their confidence and encouraging them to express themselves.

For primary schoolers, our program focuses on developing basic writing skills such as grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. We use creative writing prompts to help students explore their imaginations and learn to write in a fun and engaging way.

Middle schoolers will benefit from our program that builds on the foundational skills learned in primary school. In this program, students will learn to write more complex sentences, paragraphs, and essays. We also focus on developing critical thinking and analysis skills through persuasive and expository writing assignments.

High schoolers will find our program to be challenging and engaging, with a focus on advanced writing skills such as thesis statements, research papers, and literary analysis

Our writing sessions are conducted in a hybrid format making it convenient and accessible for students from all over the world.

Writing sessions link

Drama and Shakespeare clubs

We offer a unique and exciting opportunity for primary, middle and high school students to explore the world of theatre and literature through our drama and Shakespeare clubs.

Our drama club is designed to help students build their confidence, creativity, and communication skills through a range of fun and engaging activities. From improvisation and role-play to script writing and character development, our drama club provides a safe and supportive environment for students to express themselves and develop their interests. The drama clubs are conducted in a face to face formats.

Drama course link

About Founder

Unnati Ved started Eager Readers in April 2017. She is an avid reader and felt that there is a gap in the integration of reading, writing speaking and listening amongst kids. She has an MBA from NMIMS Mumbai and also holds a masters degree in Banking and Finance from Sydenham. She has 12 years of experience in the finance field but reading, public speaking and drama was something that she pursued in spite of her finance career. She has completed her 8 th grade in Speech and Drama and a certificate course in Announcing , Broadcasting, Compering and Dubbing. She has acted in several commercial plays in Hyderabad and worked with theatre groups namely DCH, Sutradhar, Torn Curtains. Her last job was with ISB where she was a research associate to a professor and has co authored case studies in ISB. Eager Readers is her first independent venture.

Qualifications :
1. CERT TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other languages) – Equivalent to B.A in English Language Teaching (ELT)
2. Pursuing Diploma TESOL – Equivalent to M.A in ELT- REcognised by British Council as the highest level of certification for ELT
3. LTCL (UNIT 1 and 3) Communication Skills – Equivalent to M.A (Trinitiy College London)
4. ATCL Speech and Drama – Equivalent to Bachelors B.A. (Trinity College London)
5. Part of the Academic Team at TCL, India office.


At ER we have a team of teachers who are experienced and have appeared for Trinity grade level exams. We are very proud to have an all women’s team that is passionate about reading and working hard to ignite this passion amongst the kids. We value each of their contributions.