The ‘Baahubali’ Banana

A ‘Baahubali’ banana grown in a farmer’s field is very special. The stem is 7-ft-long complete with fruits. This Amritha species of banana tree is grown by Anala Sudarshan at Vakatippa village in Kothapally Mandal from East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh.

The ideal farmer has proved that he can produce a quality crop only with the use of organic fertilizers. The white wheel has grown over three and a half feet. There are up to 140 fruits per banana gel. They weigh over 30 kgs with bananas usually about two and a half feet long.

“I brought the banana seedling from my daughter’s house in Bangalore. I sowed it sometime ago and it gave good production of bananas and this Baahubali stem came as a surprise,” Sudarshan said.

“The banana stem could not bear the weight and broke due to the huge growth of the banana tree. In fact, it is so long and hefty that it would take ample manpower to lift and count the banana fruits. The taste is also found to be very impressive. Two other bananas trees of this type are also under cultivation,” he added.

People are very excited to see the Baahubali banana with several youths seen taking selfies with these banana gels. Also, curious neighborhood often comes along to quiz about the cultivation techniques and the ingredients used. The ‘Baahubali’ banana has set a record by then as it was three and a half ft long.

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