PM visits Ladakh

The Prime minister of India, Mr. Modi arrived in Leh, the capital city of Union Territory of Ladakh on July 3,2020. He reached there, 17 days after the Chinese troops killed 20 of the Indian soldiers in the Galwan valley incident. Mr Modi was accompanied by the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat  and the Army Chief General Manoj Naravana. He visited one of the forward locations in Nimu interacting with the personnel of the Indian Army, Airforce and ITBP there.

On a surprise visit to Ladakh, the Indian Prime minister addressed the troops at Nimu outside Leh and later visited the hospital to meet the injured soldiers of the Galwan valley clash on June 15.

Mr Modi address to the Indian soldiers show the following key developments:

  • The whole world is analysing the bravery of the Indian soldiers which will inspire the youth and the countrymen for generations.
  • The difficult conditions in which you serve the Mother nation is incomparable to any other country.
  • Your courage is higher than the heights defending the Indian borders with arms as strong as the mountains that surrounds you.
  • The country has an unbroken trust in your capabilities making your presence feel free from all the worries.
  • We are those praying to the flute playing Krishna, but are also inspired by the Sudarshan Chakra wielding Krishna.
  • Peace and amity is accepted by the Indians but we also know that the weak can never enforce peace.
  • The age of expansionism is over with the age of development and open competition.
  • The country is proud of your courage that makes us stand on the side of truth and do what is right.

Mr Modi adds by the unity towards the Mother India and its fight with determination against many crisis at the same time. He encouraged the nation to cross the prevails with the travails eventually.

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