National Mango Day is observed on 22 July every year to honor the ‘King of fruits’. The day is dedicated to the delicious fruit that people love to eat during the summer season. The fruit is rich in vitamins and fiber content which helps the skin, improves eyesight, and control cholesterol.

I love mangoes and Gujarat has a tradition of Aamras. I did not have the luxury to buy mangoes in childhood. So, I used to eat mangoes in the field after plucking them directly from the trees. – PM Narendra Modi

History of the National Mango Day

Mango was first cultivated over 5000 years ago in India. The word was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Manjiri’ and scientifically named ‘Mangifera’. Later the word Mango was given by English and Spanish-speaking nations, taken from the Malayali word ‘Manna’. The Portuguese accepted the word Manga when they arrived in Kerala, India.


People celebrate the day with immense joy and fervor by making mango smoothies, ice creams, shakes, mango-flavored cakes, and pickles.

Find some few interesting facts related to the mangoes

  • The color of mango does not indicate its ripeness. A gentle squeeze tells how tasty the fruit is.
  • When the fruit is green, it has higher amount of Vitamin C and when it ripens, the amount of Vitamin A in it increases.
  • Eating mangoes will never make you fat or put on weight. Mangoes do not have even 1gram of fat per mango. Only mango flavored artificial items contain fatty products.

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