Meteor shower

I remember the time when I was in school and studying about meteors. I wondered if I would be able to see it? 14 th -16 th December was an exciting weekend for me and for stargazers across the globe as the year’s most extraordinary cosmic display illuminated the sky brightly. Those willing to brave the chilling December cold could witness the spectacular light show simply by finding a spot from where the sky is visible clearly; no extra equipment needed.

The spectacular display could be enjoyed from many locations across the globe, including India. Those in the Northern Hemisphere could get a better view.

How is the Geminid Meteor Shower different ?

The Geminid meteor shower is different from other such cosmic displays as it can penetrate deeper into the Earth’s atmosphere. Usually most active meteor showers originate from icy comets. But Gemind is unique in that respect. In this case, Geminid meteors have originated from 3200 Phaethon, a rocky asteroid.

This meteor shower occurs every year as the Earth passes through debris left from the
asteroid while orbiting the sun. As soon as the debris from the asteroids comes in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, they cause a flare and produce arcs of bright light across the sky, due to friction in the atmosphere.

These showers are most likely to occur every year during December the same time when the planet passes through a trail of debris left behind by the 3200 Phaethon.

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