Jammu and Kashmir: Mughal Garden becomes major tourist attraction in Autumn season

The Jammu and Kashmir is often known as the “Paradise on Earth” for their scintillating and breathtaking natural beauty. The Mughal Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir has yet again become a major attraction for tourists with the arrival of the autumn season in the valley.

The Autumn season is also known as ‘Harud’ in the local language denotes the foggy season with different hues in the air. During this season, the maple leaves of the Chinar trees turn gold brown from the green that has become an obsession among nature lovers.

“Kashmir has four seasons. Autumn is a very beautiful season. Autumn starts from September 23 here. We have more than 100 chinars planted in a specific pattern. The Chinar’s concentration is very high during autumn that becomes a tourist attraction,” told a press reporter.

Tourists from across the world are thrilled and visiting the Mughal Gardens of the valley to experience the natural beauty. The beauty of Chinar trees at the Nishat, Shalimar, Harwan, and Cheshmashahi gardens have also truly become a showstopper in the valley.

“I have been around the world. I have never seen such a beautiful place,” said a tourist.

“I am finding this autumn season to be very beautiful here. It is just like Switzerland. It’s truly a paradise. It should be the world’s best tourist attraction. People are very cooperative. The tourism here is not so expensive,” said another tourist visiting the place.

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