ISB Professor appointed as Chief Economic Advisor of India

By Rashi Agarwal

December 14, 2018

The Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) is the economic advisor to the Government of India. The CEA in the finance ministry is a key contributor to the government’s overall strategy in managing the economy and offers a critique of the hits and misses through the economic survey.

The government of India on Friday, 7 th December appointed Krishnamurthy Subramaniam of ISB (Indian School of Business) as the new chief economic advisor for a period of three years. Currently, he serves as associate professor of finance and executive director for the Centre for Analytical Finance at the ISB.

Subramaniam, 47, is a PhD from Chicago – Booth and a top ranking IIT-IIM alumnus. He is one of the world’s leading experts in banking, corporate governance and economic policy. Raghuram Rajan, under whose advice Subramanian obtained his PhD in financial economics at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, was the CEA before he became the Reserve Bank of India governor in 2013.
Subramaniam’s services on the expert committees on corporate governance for the
Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and on the governance of banks for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have established him as one of the chief architects of corporate governance and banking reforms in India.

Colleagues at ISB praised his clarity of thought.
“His detailed knowledge about finance and banking has been an asset for the school as well as students,” said Kumar Guru, head of external relations at ISB.

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