Education in COVID- 19 Times

Every child across the globe always dreams, not attending the school and relax peacefully at  their homes with none of the studies  and this very wish  of theirs has now come true, with the wreaking Coronavirus pandemic.

Education in COVID- 19  times, today has certainly become digital. It has truly shifted from live classrooms to  the virtual way of learning , which is also necessary for the safety of our Children. Educational Institutions are conducting education either through recorded sessions  referred as MOOCs  (Massive Open Online Course) or through the online  Webinars. For smooth functioning, the situation strictly demands a  high speed broadband connection along with the various education delivery platforms both for the teaching faculty and the students.

Today , online classes are conducted through the appropriate use of educational apps for effective communication between the teachers , parents and the students worldwide. Several Educational Institutions are there to organize online exams using the AI technology by involving the Proctors, to keep a proper check on the students to maintain Discipline. The students are also not allowed to talk to anyone or open any other tab or window and are constantly monitored during the sessions. 

The World Economic Forum has registered massive increase in the use of virtual teaching , video conferencing , education related applications  and various other ways of digital learning globally.

With two months into the  COVID, students must be missing their schools with peer learning, fun at the  indoor and outdoor activities, interaction with the teachers and much more changed into digital education, a blessing for all in these times.

Plight of Indian Migrants
by Deepti Mehta

India has changed to a great extent with the  COVID- 19 era. Disturbance in the production and constructional activities  has made the Indian migrants survive without the basic necessities of food , water and shelter. Thus, leading  to the evacuation of stranded migrants  facing extreme poverty,  hunger, malnutrition  and exhaustion.

The migrants are walking hundreds of kilometers along  with their families to reach  their hometown in villages without proper transportation facility. Many of them have also  lost their lives to train and road mishaps.

The Indian Government is taking  immediate steps for the provision of basic essentials along with the medical services free of cost for the migrants across the country during the COVID- 19 lockdown. Special Shramik trains and buses are also  allowed to operate in these difficult times to help the migrants reach their native places peacefully.

But still to some of the population of the migrants praying to keep the virus out of their locality, the God has left them only  to cope with the wreaking coronavirus havoc situation.

Also several  inspirational stories  have emerged on the social media applauding these courageous migrants. One such that of a brave girl from Bihar, who cycled  1200km carrying her ailing father to their hometown during the lockdown.

Many celebrities have come forward to help these people, bringing relief by donating the essentials, organising transportation and arranging a toll-free number to help the migrants survive in these important times.

The crises teaches us about the only way out to the Aatmnirbhar Bharat  (“A  self – reliant India “).

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