Wuhan Coronavirus

When we have a genius like Bill Gates who predicted something like the Wuhan Coronavirus would happen why didn’t we listen to him? Was it our arrogance, ignorance or a bit of both?

The Wuhan Coronavirus is a contagious disease that has hit over 25 countries. The virus spread has just begun and it could get much worse. The virus spreads through droplets and hence transmission happens when you live or spend time with an infected person. There are 17,205 confirmed cases in China and there are many more cases globally. The virus spreads more easily than the SARS virus but is not as fatal. If you have a healthy immune system and good medical care you can likely get cured.

How did it start?

The Wuhan virus started in a wet market in Hubei, China called Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market. The virus began in the market because the market sold live animals and the animals were cut and skinned right in front of the customers. The number of deaths globally is now 362 and the total number of people that are infected by the virus is 17,386.

What are countries doing about it?

In advanced countries like the United States, the doctors are programming robots so they can go provide the patients with the medicines needed without getting the doctors infected with the highly contagious Wuhan Coronavirus. In India, the army doctors have created advanced medical facilities to isolate and quarantine infected or suspected patients.

What can we do about it?

We should all be aware of the symptoms so that we can identify the sickness early on. We should avoid going to crowded places especially if we have low immunity or are showing flu-like symptoms; runny nose, cough or fever. We should be responsible and use face masks. Storing face masks that are on sale and panicking is not productive. We should wash our hands regularly. If anyone around us has the symptoms, we should help the person get medical support at the earliest. We should not be rude to the person who is showing the symptoms or be racist.

In conclusion, don’t panic as the World Health Organisation is working with China and all the countries with actual and suspected cases to shut down the virus and take care of all the victims.

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