What A Year It Has Been!

by Unnati Ved

What a year it has been!! Eager Readers started on an experimental basis in April 2017. And now, we are a full-fledged Reading, Public Speaking, and Drama School for children 6 years and above. With 300 kids. 4 centers, wider age group, Trinity certified teacher, 3 teachers training, 3 school sessions, 1 new hire and a vision to grow bigger and better each year. We are proud of what we have achieved but what we are most proud of is to see kids start loving books with us, kids experiencing that “Aha moment” in class. We have only just begun but we will take this moment and thank all of you who risked and offered me a space at your establishment, from parents who sent their child by blindly trusting us, children who went home and said I can’t miss this class, and of course all those people who have spread the good word. It’s only because of you all that we stand tall. Thank you, Hyderabad!!! We will create readers out of you.

I have always believed in encouraging self-learning, learning should never be forced. I am a firm believer that true learning comes from free-range reading. I often whisper to students “ Try Watership Down” or ever heard of “Pippi Longstocking”, I think you would like her spirit or I think you will dig Kelly Barnhill’s award-winning book. Read deep, read wide. Because a book is not just a book it is a conversation, it is an inner voice in written form, it is an idea that germinates as you read.

We hear this often, kids distracted, can’t hold their attention for long on anything, they stay glued to the TV or IPAD. At Eager Readers, kids stay enraptured. Not 1 or 2 but 33 of them listening intently as the story unfolds. And to test their listening skills we made them take an MCQ on the book read so far. The entire class averaged at 8.2. The principal couldn’t believe it, teachers couldn’t believe it. But it’s true. It’s what a good book can do. It has the power to transform, to teach, to give you life skills that will help you where ever life takes you. One of the kids loved the book so much that he even drew this…Inspiration can come from anywhere, at Eager Readers we try to inspire kids through books.

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