Spotify launches storytelling podcast for kids with Tulika publishers

The present digital world introduces children to audio tales in case they are not interested in reading books. Children grow up reading and listening to fables, fairytales and stories that help them build their imaginative skills along with the improved language skills.

Reading books is strongly recommended for children but sometimes they may not be in a mood to do so. In that case, the elder ones can introduce them to audio tales or podcasts.

Spotify, in partnership with Indian youngster’s publishing home Tulika Publishers, lately launched Talking Tales from Tulika. Produced by Asiaville, the podcast will probably be accessible in three languages of Hindi, English and Tamil.

The storytelling podcast covers different themes of friendship, acceptance, enjoyment, confidence and many more. Here are some tales that the podcast covers:

  • The Gajapati Kulapati Series

Themes: Fun and repetitive sounds

Ages: 2+

The series is about the relatable elephant named Gajapati Kulapati who has very relatable problems of whether catching a cold or tummy troubles. The four-part series is instructed in simple words with immensely repeatable sounds and rhythms.

  • Food Fun

Themes: Eating, food, enjoyment, friendship and sharing

Ages: 5+

It comprises of stories to please the five-year-olds with enjoyable meals. The series has spicy Indian stories in addition to the belly laughter fun.

  • Helping friends!

Themes: Friendship, care, sharing, confidence, helping, loyalty and solving problems


Tales encouraging friendly behaviour with social and emotional growth of children.

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