Pippi Longstocking – A Book Review

By Radhika Agarwal

October 30, 2018

Reading age – 7 and up (Full length series)

Read aloud age – 6 and up

Picture books can be read 5 and up

Pippi Longstocking is the first of three full length books about an invincible girl Pippi written by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. It is one of Astrid’s best known and best loved stories. This beautifully written story will enchant and entertain kids of all ages. The new edition has been illustrated by popular children’s artist, Tony Ross who has made the book all the more interesting with his hilarious illustrations.

A story with a difference, this is about a 9 year old girl Pippi and her multiple adventures . She looks crazy with her two stiff pigtails and one short and one long stockings. Pippi is an endearing character, infectiously ridiculous and charmingly caring. She does not have parents and stays alone in a cottage with a horse and a monkey. She believes that her father is the king of Cannibals.

Pippi has never been to school. Her best friends Tommy and Annika envy her as she was free to do whatever she pleases however they join her in all her adventures.

This story is about a journey and not the destination. How the little girl with her warmth, wisdom and wit movs ahead alone in the journey of life and adds colour to it?

She knows how to make ordinary days exciting. She has a flair for the outrageous that seems to lead to one adventure after another. Pippi loves  to fib, about her life experiences, when she travelled with her father, captain of the ship. However, her stories, which have super wings of imagination do not please people around her much.

Pippi is symbolised as a super hero who can find a solution to every problem and save people no matter what the situation is , whether to save a friend from a horny bull or to save little kids from fire, when the fire brigade also gave up. Pippi is visited by policemen as well as thieves, but she puts off both with ease with her remarkable strength and wit.

The author has built Pippi’s world so magical that readers would love to be part of her wonderful encounters and adventures. A pure hearted character , every kid will relate to her. She leads a happy, adult free life , nobody to give instructions to eat or to go to bed, independent and extremely creative and talented girl.

Astrid Lindgren has captured the entire story in simple prose.Though the series has been written in 1940’s, it will enthrall children of today as well.

There are three full length Pippi Longstocking books:

There were three original picture books that were translated into English:[4]

  • 1971Pippi on the Run
  • 1950Pippi’s After Christmas Party
  • 2001Pippi Longstocking in the Park

There are many picture books and short books based on chapter excerpts from the original three including:

  • Pippi Goes to School (1999)
  • Pippi Goes to the Circus (1999)
  • Pippi’s Extraordinarily Ordinary Day (1999)

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