Its Dr Seuss’ birthday

Read aloud age 3 and above

Reading age 7 and above

March 2nd, is the 115th birthday of Dr Seuss. A children’s book writer who has written and illustrated over 60 books and sold over 600 million copies.

The brilliance of Dr Seuss is that his silly nonsensical rhymes have a much deeper meaning. Ideal for beginners  and 7-8 year olds, the deeper meaning behind his books can be discussed by caregivers and teachers to kids.

Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat his most popular book is simplistic in its rhymes and the illustrations are witty and absolutely delightful. It questions the conventions and norms set my parents for children.

Kids alone ! Mom is out ! Time to do naughty things !!! A stranger in the house !He wrecks the house and entertains the kids, much to their shock and horror.

The Sneetches and other stories is a delightful tale that hints at racism and differentiation. There are 2 kinds of Sneetches, one are Star Belly Sneetches and Plain Belly Sneetches. The Plain Belly Sneetches feel left out as the snooty Star Belly Sneetches don’t mingle with plain folk. Mr Slyvestor Mc Monkey comes along with his Star on and Star off machines and adds a star to the Plain Belly Sneetches. Much to their discontent, the Star Belly Sneetches remove their stars after they get to know what the Plain Belly Sneetches have done. This goes back and forth for a while until no one remembers who the original Sneetches’ are. Finally an epiphany strikes them all that it doesn’t really matter who is original and who is not. These are life lessons that need to be read by children and adults.

Dr Seuss is an absolute staple for kids. Its an absolute laugh out loud and excellent phonics starter for your kid.

Hop on Pop has been go to book for any kid with phonics issues.

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss and thank you for your books they have helped a lifetime of kids.



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