If He Gets The Gold, Its All Your Doing

by Unnati Ved

High praise from a lovely parent I’d say. We are no Olympics and make no claim to do so but we proudly claim to have converted not 1 or 2 but many kids into readers this May. This trend in all likelihood will continue. Our reading challenge in May has received a stupendous response. So much so that we didn’t anticipate awarding so many medals, we had to make a few more. Credit all goes to you kids and to the parents who really made the effort and went that extra mile.

Some moments you never forget. One of which is empowering a child, making him/her feel accomplished, that glow and smile speaks volumes. It used to be the best feeling for me as a child. One such feeling is shown below. Mind you we had many such moments at Eager Readers when we awarded the medals. Another moment was when a child wanted to come to our class in spite of her parent who wanted her to discontinue since it conflicted with another class. You kids have made us what we are. Thank you for all the love.

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