How to turn your children into readers for life?

‘Raising readers’ isn’t just another checkbox on list of things to feel like good parents. It is instead an opportunity to free us from the tyrannies of artificial parenting pressures.

We all want our kids to read. It’s like a universal badge of honour. No matter how hard we try, someone on Instagram is doing better. Yet converting our kids into readers isn’t a societal pressure it’s a vital requirement to free parents from artificial parenting.

But do parents really understand the meaning of reading ? Or is it all about filling in how many titles has my kid read. When kids read they must be able to keep the large ideas in their head. They must be able to make out the difference between logic and propaganda. Just because everyone’s is reading “Diary of a Wimpy kid” does not mean it’s good reading.

We need to train our minds and focus on long term reading. Books are the best ways to guide us against the misuse of screens. Books can liberate us from the bubble we live in.

So how do we begin ? We need to create a habit. Here are some tips to help you get started

  • Ten mins of reading everyday can slowly increase to more.
  • You can read as a habit while in the car,
  • read while waiting for your meal in a restaurant,
  • read to fill the gaps while waiting.
  • Listen to an audio book in the car
  • Keep a reading journal and write down name of a book , author , date of completion to motivate yourself
  • create a reading time with you and your kid.

At Eager Readers, our summer reading challenge is all about making the kids read deep and wide. The idea is to read more of what you like and that is why we have given a varied list to choose from. We firmly believe that there is no kid that does not like to read , only the right book has not yet met the kid.




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