Eager Readers’ Students create their own podcasts

The older batch at Eager Readers had a podcast challenge as part of their learning this month

We also sent 15 odd entries for NY TIMES POdcast competition

The list of podcasts and their links are in this google sheet feel free to listen and make the kids listen too. The older batch has done an outstanding job


Podcast Name



Aadi Surana

Into the fantasy world

“Into the fantasy world“ – is an imaginary delving into worldly and exciting things that so called make us happy. But the reality check chips in aptly.

Anant Surana

Free the Animals!

The misery and suffering of animals captured in the zoos expressed beautifully through a story of two friends; a fierce pelican and a jolly tiger who seek help from a human to escape to the land of freedom!

Medha Singh

Jenny’s Enchanting Adventure

Jenny’s enchanting adventure and how her kindness helped others

Vihaan Ved

Time Machine

Vihaan is in his dream world thinking of travelling to different places when reality strikes harder than he could imagine

Ananyaa and Shaurya Sultania

Pets the New Cool

a mixof reasons why pets are a great thing to have as a part of your life . The reasons are ,let me tell you, not petty

Ananya Agarwal

social media not cool

How social media is spiling relationships

Nihar and Niyathi

NN Podcast

It’s about rap nowadays and delays of album/music drops. The name of ourn podcast is NN podcast

Avani Murkoth

Career Options- Interview with a professional.

A podcast which guides youngsters in choosing a caree path. A 10 year old student interviews a professional in the field of Human resources – Learning and training department, of an internationally popular IT company.

Darsh Menon

Daily Dose of Reading

Darsh reads a chapter of a book to his sister.

Krishnaneel Thakore

An affair with pizza

This is Krishna’s yearning for his love :Pizza.

Gayatri Papagari

World of Books

In this podcast I will be recommending books based on certain age groups. I will also be telling you a little about the book.


Work from home

– –

Raj Shourya

NBA game

It is about the most historic nba match held in 2016 played by 2 legends Stephen curry and lehron james

Rishan Rao

TGIF Movie Recommendation

Movie REcommendations from a ten year old

Sanika, Siri, Ananya


Day in the life of a bullied 12 year old

Pranay Gupta


After listening to this podcast you can know how the food you eat affects your mood. You will also find a list of suggestions that may keep you happy and boosted listen to ‘spice up your mood’ from Pranay Gupta.

VEda Akshaya

Listen to “Movies to watch during quarantine ” from Movies during quarantine on Anchor

– –


Infotastic podcast

Corona Pandemic

Minnila Nalluri

The cooking saga

Cooking show with a touch of Sci-Fi!


a paranormal exprience

a comedy horor exrience


– –

– –

Sriwanth Reddy

Education and success

how education is important for success and how to become successful

Isha Narra

My opinion about Adolf Hitler

Just a personal thought.

Yashita bantia

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– –


Does life exist other than the earth

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