Creative Writing – 8 sessions conducted from April 15 th to 24th April

Eager Readers, conducted a creative writing workshop from April 15th to april 24th. we had 22 participants and it was very well received.

At Eager Readers we believe that writing can be learnt. There is no such thing as born writer. Writing is a craft that can be learnt in a systematic way.

Our workshop was a step by step approach in unlocking the barriers of the mind to help achieve true potential in writing skills.

We taught

  1. Stories with animal themes: We taught ways in which kids can write about animals. How to decribe them using words. Templates were provided for enhancing the approach
  2. Travel writing – Write about your vacation., this is a common topic seen everywhere in schools, competitions and everywhere. We showed how travel writing can be personalised and little bit more information on the background can add significant value.
  3. Short Story writing : A good beginning logical middle and end are prerequisites of a good story. We taught how choosing your character is important and getting into the depth of your character is very important to give depth to story line.

We hope to conduct more such sessions in the future. We also have announced a short story writing competition for the students that ends May 6th.

No of words limit 500

Story Prompt :

Complete the following sentence and write a story that begins with it :

” It’s strange to think that I never would have known about _________ if I had’nt taken the left turn. “

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