Chirec International School- Kondapur- Pre Reading Talk to 5th Graders – June 14th, 2018

Addressing 90 kids can be quite overwhelming. More so when they don’t know you, don’t know what to expect and have been huddled in a big hall by their class teachers. Once I started talking it just flowed. My husband will say it’s because I have a gift of the gab, but no it’s because it was about books.

The pre reading talk at Chirec International was soul satisfying. At Eager Readers we thrive at those moments when the child who knows nothing about anything suddenly wants to know more, because we give him/her that window of knowledge. We only guide them in the right direction and they waste no time in grabbing that mantle.

We spoke about World War 2, it’s causes, the countries involved, how it affected the civilians and so many things and the children just sucked it all, wide eyed and so interested. This was the background of the book they are expected to read this term as part of their curriculum. Next we spoke about football. What better time to talk about the most watched sport than on the day the World Cup started. The excitement was palpable as I spoke about the favourites this World Cup. This too was the backdrop of the book they were given as part of the curriculum.

I am thankful to the teachers, in particular Ms Leena Rao for inviting me. It’s indeed my honour to meet young minds filled with questions and intrigue. There is other way I would have spent my morning.

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