Book Recommendations age 3 to 5

Experts say that if you start reading to a kid right from when it’s in the womb, chances are that they will get used to reading at bedtimes and eventually turn into readers themselves. Reading aloud to kids has profound benefits. It’s a perfect bonding between the parent and the child and it certainly takes you away from the gizmos of the world. An adult also needs to be away from it and reading provides the perfect solution. Here are a few book recommendations for kids aged 3 to 5.

1. Good Night Moon – Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrations by Clement Hurd.

A perfect bed time for your child. The book is the night routine of a rabbit and how he walks around his room and says good night to all the things in his room.  Kids need some down time before they hit the bed and this book is a perfect way to do it. The book has other lovey elements where the child can spot how the time keeps changing on every page and as the evening becomes night. The moon peeks out of the window and becomes bigger and bigger and the best part is the little mouse that scurries around the room on every page. Kids will have great fun looking for the little mouse on every page.

2. Are you my Mother? – P.D.Eastman

A bird lays an egg on the nest and soon the egg starts jumping. The mother bird leaves the egg and goes out in search of food. In the mean while the egg cracks open and out comes a baby bird and wonders where his mother could be.  He jumps of his nest and walks around to find his mother.  He meets a cow, a dog, a boat, an airplane, a car, a crane and he asks each of them, “Are you my mother ?” But all of them tell him that they are not his mother. Fate lands the baby bird back into his nest and just then the mother bird comes back with food. The baby bird immediately understands that this could be no one else but his mom. An endearing tale that will surely end in a warm hug from your little one. The illustrations are adorable and the kids will lovely the tension running through out the book as the bird searches for his mother.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle

This is story of an egg that turns into a caterpillar and eventually into a beautiful butterfly. It lays the foundation for counting, kids will love to touch through the various good items eaten by the caterpillar. It shows a good distinction between what should one eat and what gives a tummy ache. Vivid illustrations, simple storyline your kids will surely be coming back for this one.

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