Author Focus – Meet Kate DiCamillo and her books

October 13, 2018

By Pioneer Press and Unnati Ved

One of my favourite writers for children. Kate DiCamillo is the winner of two Newbery awards and has authored 24 books. Her books have been printed in various languages and there are nearly 30 million copies in print.

In a joyful atmosphere with lots of kids in attendance, Kate DiCamillo celebrated the launch of her new novel, “Louisiana’s Way Home,” last weekend at Steppinstone Theatre in St. Paul, USA

This is DiCamillo’s first-ever sequel, told in the first person by Louisiana Elefante, one of three girlfriends in the Minneapolis author’s previous middle-grade novel “Raymie Nightingale.”

Here is a short review of some of her books, that we at Eager Readers have read, loved, and highly recommend

Raymie Nightingale

Why do we need fairy tales, when there is so much of adventure in our daily lives? This book is a delightful tale of ten year old Raymie Clarke, anxious and sensitive girl who is competing to win the title of Little Miss Central Florida Tire. Louisiana Elefante, an orphan living with her grandmother, also has eyes on the prize. Beverly Tapinksi, daughter of a former queen is hellbent on sabotaging the pagent. The book is very well written and does not shy away from talking about child neglect, abandonment.

The book is meant for ages 8 and up

Because of Winn-Dixie

A Newbery Honor book, this is the tale of ten year old Opal that befriends a stray dog, adopts him and in turn changes her boring life. She makes new friends (young and old), and she finds a true companion in the dog with a sense of humour. Set in Florida, Opal’s father is a missionary and their simple life shows us that true joy comes in simple living.

The book is meant for ages 9 and up

Tale of Despereaux

A rat, a mouse, a princess and a servant girl, thats enough to pack a rollicking adventure. This Newbery medal winner is a culmination of 3 stories. The book is a roller coaster ride of action with great characters. We have a brave mouse, a conniving rat, a servant girl who wants to be a princess more than anything else and a princess that is sweet and kind

The book is meant for ages 9 and up

Mercy Watson Series 

Image result for mercy watson

A pig obsessed with hot buttered toast. Beloved pet of the Watson’s, who are convinced that their pet pig is the smartest and the brightest in the neighbourhood. Their love for their pet falls to deaf ears when the neighbours try to expose the miscreant pig. There are 6 lovely books in this series with absolutely stunning illustrations by Chris Van Dusen. Every child will be wanting some hot buttered toast after they read about this porcine wonder. Highly recommend the boxed set as a gift.

Reading age 6 and up

Read aloud age 4 and up

Kate DiCamillo says, “You hear how kids don’t read, and books don’t matter. It matters.” She says.


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