Momo by Michael Ende – A book review

Reading age – 9 and up

Read aloud age 8 and up

More popular for his book “The Never Ending Story”, Michael Ende has tackled many topics in his book Momo. This book could well be a book for adults.

Momo is a fantasy tale of a 9 year orphan girl called Momo who lives in an amphitheatre. Momo has a gift that no one else in that village possesses, the gift of time and listening. She enchants everyone in the village with her sweet and cooperative nature.

The book takes a sinister turn when the men in grey arrive and urge everyone in the village to work more and play less and give up their time to their Times Saving Bank.

The book throws many life lessons to this over scheduled world where people want to maximise time. It shows how time should not be measured when spending time with loved ones.

The book has too many characters and the story goes off track for a while. Momo is a refreshing character full of bravery and friendship.

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