Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Book Review

December 7th, 2018

By Unnati Ved

Read aloud age 6 and up

Reading age 8 and up

What do I want my daughter to dream about ?

Fairies, princesses, happily ever afters or do I want her to dream about fearless achievers.

No points for guessing the latter, but what if there were fairy tale versions of successful women available?

While there is a serious dearth of stories for children where women have paved a way and carved a niche for themselves, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls comes as a breath of fresh air.

From inventors to woman pirates, from actresses to lawyers, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo present young readers with a 100 stories of female role models.

A non-fiction book that you and your child will love to read at bedtime. Real life stories of woman who have broken barriers, gone against traditions, relentlessly pursued their dreams.

From Margerat Thatcher to Rani Laxmibai, from Frieda Kahlo to Ada Lovelace, from Astrid Lindgren to Amelia Ear Hart, there is a story for every kid.

An absolute keep with beautiful illustrations and a space to write your own story and put a picture.

The book was created in the most unique sort of way. The creators used crowd funding concept to raise funds for this book. The book has raised over 1 million dollars from over 70 countries. This is your ultimate “anti princess” story book, much needed in todays times.


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