Screen time and children: All you need to know about the modern technology trend

Despite the fact that we might be proud of our child’s quick hand on  technology for learning or entertainment, screen time in kids, beyond school, must be minimized and discouraged.

10 Simple Tips to Limit Screen Time for Kids | online classes

How does screen time affect children’s ability to learn?

Research has shown that screen time inhibits young children’s ability to read faces and learn social skills, two key factors needed to develop empathy. Face-to-face interactions are the only way young children learn to understand non-verbal cues and interpret them.

What are the benefits of screen time in kids? 

With moderation, there are some benefits of screen time to children: educational value and school-related homework and research. Playing video games can improve motor skills and coordination. Internet tools, texting, and shared video games are easy and fun ways to socialize and communicate.

Why is screen time so important?

Connection with family and friends can help reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. We often miss out on the fun and beauty that is happening all around us because of screens.

Why should parents limit screen time?

The main principle is that screens should not replace parental and human interaction with a child. Excessive screen time is associated with a number of health issues, including depression, obesity, and sleep disorder.

What’s healthy screen time?

Most experts agree that adults should limit screen time to less than two hours per day outside of work related activities.

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