Leopard in secretariat premises – Click to watch video

November 7, 2018

By Rashi Agarwal

In a very scary video, a leopard was spotted entering the secretariat at Gandhinagar, Gujrat’s capital city. The wild animal entered the area early morning on Monday. While the search operation for the wild animal is still on, the video is enough to scare anyone. Wondering what we are talking about?

Watch the video here

The leopard can be seen entering the government building by crawling under gate no. 7.

After the leopard entered and it came to notice through the CCTV footage, the entry of everyone inside the complex had been prohibited for a few hours, except the forest and security officials. Later, the forest secretary said the leopard was no longer lurking in the secretariat premises and allowed officials to enter the building.

These days we hear more and more incidents of wild animals being spotted in towns, villages and cities. This is happening more because due to growth in civilised settlements and growth in population more and more forests are being cleared to make space for houses and buildings.

What does one do if their habitats are being encroached upon? 

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