Amazon most valuable company

How all of us simply love Amazon! Even my 7-year-old nowadays straight goes to the
amazon app as soon as he wants to buy something. In this fast-paced world where most of us are short on time, ordering online has proved to be a boon. And the company leading in this market is Amazon.

Amazon, formed 25 years ago, has left Microsoft behind to become the world’s most
valuable listed company. The online giant was worth $797bn (£634bn) when the US stock market closed on Monday, 7 th January, after rising 3.4% and moved past Microsoft, valued at $789bn.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is the world’s wealthiest man, with riches of $135bn, according to Bloomberg’s billionaire index. He overtook Microsoft founder Bill Gates last year.

In 1994, Amazon started life as a niche second-hand book seller and has become an online retailer of items ranging from fresh food to clothes. The firm was created in a garage in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. By early 1996, Amazon was selling books online throughout the US.

The business was floated on the stock exchange in 1997, raising $54m. As a result, Mr Bezos joined the ranks of the world’s richest business people before he turned 35 years of age.

For more than a decade, the company put growth ahead of profit, investing in warehouses, distribution networks and data systems. In 2017, it paid $13.7bn for Whole Foods Market, which brought it a large network of physical stores for the first time.

It has also emerged as a major creator of original entertainment content, producing original drama series. In addition, it has won the rights to broadcast live sporting action, such as football from England’s Premier League and ATP tennis. The firm has developed a raft of other products and services, including the Kindle e-reader and Alexa virtual assistant, among others.

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