49 people killed in New Zealand Mosque

Forty-nine people have been killed and 48 wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in the nation’s deadliest attack.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described it as a terrorist attack and one of New Zealand’s “darkest days”
A gunman identifying himself as an Australian live-streamed the rampage at Al Noor mosque to Facebook. He ventilated racist, anti-immigrant views. Police say a man in his late 20s has been arrested and charged with murder. Two other men and one woman were also detained. No names have been made public. Firearms and explosive devices were recovered, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said. The gunman live-streaming the attack from a head-mounted camera said he was a 28-year- old Australian called Brenton Tarrant. The footage showed him firing at men, women and children from close range inside the Al Noor mosque.

Facebook said it had removed the suspect’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and was working to remove any copies of the footage. The live-stream of the attack lasted for 17 minutes.

The first report of an attack came from the Al Noor mosque in central Christchurch at 13:40 on Friday,15 th March. A gunman drove to the front door, entered and fired indiscriminately for about five minutes. One unnamed survivor told TV New Zealand that he had seen the gunman shoot a man in the chest. The attacker reportedly targeted the men’s prayer room in the mosque, then moved to the women’s room.
Social media accounts in the name of Brenton Tarrant were used to post a lengthy, racist document in which the author identified the mosques that were later attacked. The man says he began planning an attack after visiting Europe in 2017 and being angered by events there.

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