Students of Eager Readers win New York Times Podcast Competition – Get Honorable mention from 1300 participants

Greetings from Eager Readers !

I have some very exciting news to share.

Eager Readers had a Podcast challenge in the month of April – May 2020 as part of the monthly activities. We sent 15 entries of EAGER READERS senior students ( 10 yrs and above ) for a NEW YORK TIMES PODCAST COMPETITION

It was more of a first time experience for kids where they were taught how to create, what technology to use and how to add effects to a podcast.

We are beyond excited the share that the podcast
“PETS THE NEW COOL” by Ananya and Shaurya Sultania have won and got honourable mention in the NEW YORK TIMES PODCAST Competition.

Congrats ANANYA and SHAURYA very well done a big big hug to you and so proud of you.

Listen to the podcast here


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