Kids aged 6 and up write story on dragons

As part of an Eager Readers exercise we made kids aged 6 and above do a writing activity by giving them a prompt and here are a few samples of the wonderful work of kids

Writing prompt

Pretend you walked outside to find a sleeping dragon in the grass! Why is the dragon there? Is it a friendly dragon? What do you do write about it

The Dragon and My YoYo
by Darsh Jain, age 8

It was a nice breezy morning and I had got up from bed, but fell back on it. I got up again and went out to feel the breeze. But as I got closer to the door, it was getting hotter and hotter. I opened the door and saw a baby dragon in my garden. I slowly stepped back and closed the door. The second I closed it, my bat fell on the ground with a loud thud. I immediately ran out to call the police but tripped in front of the sleeping dragon. The Dragon woke up and said “Hello” in English. I couldn’t believe my ears and thought I was daydreaming. I pinched myself and the dragon was still there. I asked the dragon “ Why did you come here?”. He replied, “I was flying and saw you playing with a YoYO, I got so attracted to the yoyo that I decided to come down and play with you. It was late in the evening, you went home and I ended up sleeping in your front yard”.

Meanwhile, in the house, my parents woke up and went to make their morning tea. Sadly, the cooking gas was over. They noticed me talking to the baby dragon and came running to save me. They were shocked to see the dragon. The dragon narrated the entire story. He told my parents, “I hear your gas is over and you can’t make your morning tea. Let me make it for you.” Dad asked, “How can you help us?”. Daddy thought for a second and realized that the dragon could breathe fire that he could use for brewing his tea. The dragon helped in making tea for my parents and was now welcome to play at my house any time of the day.

A Day with a Dragon
by Shreshta K, age 8

Once, when I was playing with my friends, we saw a bluish green creature in a lawn. I told my friends to be on their guard. I suddenly found myself running towards the creature. My friends lit up some candles as it had become dark. Some of them even bought some nets to trap it. It suddenly dawned on me that it might be a dragon. I was shaking like a leaf! To my astonishment it was a “DRAGON!” It was asleep. We didn’t disturb it .When it woke up, it was startled to see so many faces around. The dragon said, “Please do not harm me!” We were astonished! Isn’t it weird to hear a dragon speak? That too English? We responded, “Okay we will not hurt you.” We first asked, “Are you a ferocious dragon?” It said, “No, I am not ferocious dragon.” In fact, I am friendly. We sighed in relief. I asked, “Why are you here?”It remarked, “I am Loolu, I am here since yesterday.”I fell from the sky while I was hunting food for my children. We were all thrilled and asked, “Loolu, can we please visit your house?” Loolu replied, “Alright! You are all most welcome.” We all climbed onto its back and it soared into the tranquil sky. After a while, we reached our destination. When we went in, we were awe-struck! Suddenly, I felt something tickling me near my ankle. I looked down and, what a wonderful sight it was! It was a baby dragon! It took us around the cave. When we were just about to enter the secret chamber we heard a deep rumbling roar. One of my friends started trembling with fear. I instantly knew that it was their enemy because I saw the poor baby start shaking with fright. I told my friends to get armed. Suddenly, the baby dragon started to emit something like thunder. Soon, the creature entered the secret chamber. It was not a creature in fact it was our arch enemy! LUCY!! She had come to capture the dragons. Soon enough there was a battle. We summoned our most powerful weapons. She used her bombills to attack us, but, we were super fast, and she soon ran out of bombills .We wasted no time and finished her. Loolu came running after destroying Lucy’s army. She thanked us, she even offered a sleep-over but we could not, as our parents would be worried. We told her that next time we come we would bring our family. When we were having our supper at home we shared this experience with our family and of course nobody believed us.

It is the best experience of my life.

A Day with a Dragon
by Viha, age 8

A Day with a Dragon
by Arush, age 7

One day I woke up and went outside for cycling. Suddenly, I saw a bush which was looking like a Dragon. I said to myself that Dragon’s are extinct. But the bush started to move and I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Yes it is a Dragooon!!!

The Dragon also saw me and shushed me not to scream as it was trying to hide from hunters. Actually, it was trying to camouflage. The Dragon spoke to me and said it came to life from a painting and since then hunters are chasing him. I saw hunters coming towards us. I quickly went back home and got a baseball bat and bashed on their faces.
The Dragon laughed and hugged me.

A Day with a Dragon
by Shaurya, age 8

A surprise in my backyard
There was a loud snore coming from my backyard.
I wondered what it was!
I went outside to check what it was.
When I stood on the doorstep outside I felt a gush of hot air.
My hair stood on end.
I turned around quickly and narrowed my eyes.
I couldn’t believe my eyes!
It was a black dragon with orange nostrils and wing webs and red fiery eyes.
Every time it exhaled thick smoke came out of its nostrils.
The dragon had big orange spikes on its back and tail.
I decided to go to my room and play until the dragon woke up.
After some time I heard a loud thud.
I thought the dragon woke up.
I went outside and saw the dragon in my backyard and a totally different dragon battling
each other. The new dragon was the same as the original one but purple, dark blue and black in colour. It breathed out dark blue colour flames.
I shouted out “Stop fighting or you will be discovered!”
Both of the dragons turned around and looked at me and said:
“Who do you think you are to command us?”
I was taken aback. “I-I-I a-a-am Shaurya” I stammered.
“w-why are-e-e y-you h-h-ere?” I said in a quivering voice.
The dragons replied in a booming voice: “We are only babies playing! We were playing with the cars and trucks and the somebody like you were in our buses!“
I realized that the they were baby dragons playing with real life vehicles!
I told them “please don’t do that I will give you my toys and you can play with them.”
The baby dragons shrieked in joy and said “Yay! Proper toys for us!”
A few minutes later the dragons asked me to keep them as my pets.
When I took them home, they started making a mess of my toys.
I was pleased to have dragons as my pets.

My Pet Dragon
by Saisha, age 8

Once, long long ago when I was nine years old my parents thought I was behaving well, doing my chores and working properly in school, hence they let me have a pet of my choice.

The next day after a tiring day of school, I excitedly skipped my way to the pet shop which didn’t take me more than ten minutes. As soon as I entered I saw pets of all kinds like Labradors, kitty cats and I even spotted a bunch of furry white rabbits.

Just then the shop keeper called out to me and said “hello young boy. May I help you with anything?” I didn’t answer as I was busy looking in a dark deserted corner where there lay an expansive cage in which I realized was a humungous green dragon. At first I thought I was dreaming so I rubbed my eyes and looked again BUT in front off my eyes there actually lay a dragon.

In no less than a moment the dragon turned towards me and said “Hello young boy please will you get me out of this cage and take me to where you live. At first I was astonished, so I asked myself “did the dragon really talk ?” But anyway let me keep the DRAGON as my pet whether it talks or not. Hence I pointed to where the dragon lay and said to the shopkeeper “Sir may I have this dragon” he looked surprised and replied” I see you’ve found puffy the dragon , of course you can have him, three pounds please, I paid the money and walked back home with Puffy stomping beside me.

When I reached home my parents were screaming in shock to see a dragon in the house till I told them that puffy was a friendly dragon and how he had requested me to take him home. They understood and from then we all lived a happy life.

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