Eager Readers’ students create their own radio drama – best one to be aired on Radio Mirchi 95

We have been engaging in exciting activities here at Eager Readers. During the month of August 2020, in keeping with the theme of mystery, Eager Readers were tasked with creating a suspenseful 5-minute radio drama that was judged by RJ Shezzi of Radio Mirchi 95. 

The group of Eager Readers (ages 10+) engaged in script-writing activities for radio dramas. We also discussed how to effectively create sound effects from household items, supplemented with detailed explanations of how to record the drama and download it onto Soundcloud. 

‘Crystal clear clarity was music to my ears’, ‘the different voice modulations were fantastic’, ‘perfect cadence’, ‘suspense creation was excellent’ and ‘script was brilliant’ were just a few of the comments by RJ Shezzi. The play ‘The Mansion in Whisper Street’ is scheduled to be featured on Radio Mirchi. Great job Eager Readers!

Group Members Names

Title of your radio Drama



Vihaan, Rishan, Avani

Night in the mansion

Theme: Spooky, Creepy & Mysterious story Duration: 5 minutes. Play:” Powerhouse – Time Lapse Or Time Travel” Actors: Avani, Rishan & Vihan as themselves Sound effects: Sounds of household gadgets courtesy soundcloud & Alexa. Story: 3 siblings Avani, Rishan & Vihan are left all alone in a huge mansion in the care of Rama, their domestic helper as their parents were in Delhi for the Independence Day. 14th august 2020, there is a power outage and it’s a total blackout at home and what follows is a chain of spooky events.

Vivan, Aarav, Sriwanth

Murder of the innocent

the radio drama is about a dead body that was found in a mansion and how detective Henry solves it

Srayana, Akshaya, Ridhi, Avni

The mansion in Whisper street

This radio drama is about four friends who explore a haunted mansion

Pranay, Prabhav, Shaurya The traps of the double face

Three boys who discover traps in a house

Arhann, Yathart, Krishna

The Hand of Doom

Story about a Boy who tries to escape from a Dinosaur

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